CRA – LA Facade and Signage Improvement Program

Extasy Record Studio, North Hollywood California

Extasy Record Studio is located on Lankershim Boulevard, a major street linking the North Hollywood arts community, a thriving arts and theater center now being transformed by the extension of the Metro line and new housing. Like many businesses that support the arts and music industries, Extasy did not want a public or street visibility, although the goal of the Community Redevelopment Agency was to create a friendlier and safe pedestrian environment along the Boulevard and to maximize openness. Kaplan Chen Kaplan was asked to develop a scheme that balanced these needs and provided visual interest along a long building façade. Our scheme provides new areas of storefront while extending the lines of the original façade with the addition of decorative metal panels. Concealed lighting behind the continuous metal fascia above the storefront provides a visual highlight on the building and safe lighting along the sidewalk. A clean line of eye-level signage and newly mounted company logo add detail and help organize the large façade.