Greystone Library Restoration Beverly Hills, California

Constructed in 1928 for Edward Doheny, Jr., The Greystone Mansion is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and its extensive grounds and estate of over sixty rooms in 46,000 square feet was dedicated in 1971 as a Beverly Hills city park. The Friends of Greystone along with the City of Beverly Hills commissioned a renovation of the existing Library space for use as an exhibit space for the Doheny family artifacts and to reconstruct as close as possible the original design of the room. Kaplan Chen Kaplan utilized original drawings to recreate cast plaster panels for the arched ceiling and pediments at each end of the room. The pattern of cabinets and decorative trim as well as the fireplace, mantel and ceiling chandeliers are also designed to match as closely as possible the only known photograph of the original space. Museum grade lighting and humidity controls are incorporated in the cabinets.